Monday, May 28, 2007

Mission accomplished

My mother is a passionate plant grower(hmm, what a coincidence) and she wanted to see her flowers on my blog.
No problem mum!!!

Here it goes! It's pelargonium!

Gardening Technique

If you live in a flat, gardening in containers is the way to go!
It's no problem, you can grow almost anything in a container. I have the fortune of having a big balcony box, but I have a bunch of plants in containers all over the flat and in front of it. Indoor gardening with fluorescents as well as hydroponics sound interesting and if space was not the issue, I would be doing some serious winter experimenting. For now I will stick with container gardening and try to make the most of my crops!

Container gardening
is a great technique which offers you many advantages:
  • even with limited space you have the joy of growing plants
  • it enables you to experiment with plants
  • mobility
  • your herbs are at your hand
  • it is easy to rearrange
  • you can grow in places you thought is impossible to grow
  • it makes pest control easier
  • decorative element
  • and so on...............

Keep on growing!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007


A few days ago the first ones started popping out of the soil and I must say I was jumping around the flat like a little kid. I had some problems before, but this time things are looking promising. Sowing in to plastic cups filled with soil is the most common seed germination method practiced in my garden. Is it the best, I don´t know! You must take good care to keep the soil wet, but still not too wet! I think it´s the method that works best for me, although I had some problems. I sowed some purple basil seeds and tiny seedlings came out, but I over watered them and they died. This time I´m taking it nice and easy with watering, just enough! They are so sensitive in this stage of growth, but it´s worth it, it´s a beautiful herb!!

Basil seedlings

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Balcony Garden

Gardening in small space has its´ limits! That´s why I have to make careful choices of plants I use and pay great attention to details. Choosing the plants for my garden, i.e. cutting down the list of the plants I want to grow is the tricky part. Nevertheless, my whole flat is filled with plants just like the space in front of it. The best part of my home garden is of course, the balcony garden!!!

Balcony gardening: As I already said my balcony has little space but it has a built in concrete box/container made especially for growing plants(my love goes to the architect). Plus, I have a bunch of containers and plants ready for transplanting.
First of all, let us take some things in consideration and look at +/- of balcony gardening:

The negative:
  • small space
  • hot sun & strong wind
  • there is often an overhang that prevents the rainfall from reaching the containers
  • extra watering chores if prior is the case
  • safety issues(stuff falling of your balcony)
  • a lot of pigeons started coming and ruining the plants(I don´t know if they started coming because of the plants, I guess so)
The positive:

  • a feast for your senses, you can look at it, touch it, smell it, taste it......enjoy
  • you got the joy of growing plants
  • herbs on your balcony are great for cooking and for their medicinal values
  • vegetable and fruit is always better from your own garden
  • it is the place were you rest your head and somehow, while at home I always end up in my balcony garden

Soon some photos of my balcony!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Done shopping

It´s going good, done shopping, done some transplanting and my plants are quite happy!!!

My shopping list

Seeds: salvia, basil, marjoram, dill + some seeds I got from friends(already in soil)

: 10 liter soil bag(not my usual brand), but will do for now

: a few pots, already inhabited with some cherry tomato plants

Tools: don´t need none, I do most of the work with my hands(after all it´s just a balcony)

Right now I got the urge for some strawberries, check it out!!!

It´s really a garden of life!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Garden shopping on my mind

I am not an average modern consumer and my shopping is usually done in 5 minutes, but when it comes to plants I like to take my time!! Unfortunately, limitations in space are an important factor and I always have to keep this in mind while garden shopping. In other words, I have to take good care not to overcrowd the place and make the most of the space I have.
A few more days, a few more bucks and garden shopping can begin!!!

Here are some photos of my yellow-green plant!!! Please can someone tell me the name of this plant!!!

Take a look!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Getting ready

As I already said, I live in a flat, apartment or whatever. I don´t have a lot of room but I have a balcony. It´s not so big, but it´s great for my plants. The morning sun is the one, they love it so much!!
Today my mother and I spent the whole day cleaning, painting the balcony walls, again cleaning.....The plants will love it, it´s clean and yellow!! We got rid of some stuff and made some room for ........, you guess, plants!!
I´m so tired, I´m so happy!!! Shopping for garden accessories is next!!!

I wanna live!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Coming soon

A detailed description of my garden, including the process of making!!! All about my plants!!!All about the soil, water, nutrients, pests, diseases and everything important for maintaining a healthy and happy garden; a garden of life!!!

Here´s a photo of my strawberries enjoying the company of some medicinal herbs!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Welcome to my garden!!

Greetings and welcome,
I hope you´ll have a good time observing the process of creating this garden!!!
The seeds are ready and some have already sprouted! Of course, some of the plants are already in the soil and doing great!!!! And hmm, by the way I live in a flat!!!

Here´s a peak through my strawberries, unfortunately it´s not a pretty sight!!!