Monday, May 28, 2007

Gardening Technique

If you live in a flat, gardening in containers is the way to go!
It's no problem, you can grow almost anything in a container. I have the fortune of having a big balcony box, but I have a bunch of plants in containers all over the flat and in front of it. Indoor gardening with fluorescents as well as hydroponics sound interesting and if space was not the issue, I would be doing some serious winter experimenting. For now I will stick with container gardening and try to make the most of my crops!

Container gardening
is a great technique which offers you many advantages:
  • even with limited space you have the joy of growing plants
  • it enables you to experiment with plants
  • mobility
  • your herbs are at your hand
  • it is easy to rearrange
  • you can grow in places you thought is impossible to grow
  • it makes pest control easier
  • decorative element
  • and so on...............

Keep on growing!!!

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