Thursday, May 24, 2007

Balcony Garden

Gardening in small space has its´ limits! That´s why I have to make careful choices of plants I use and pay great attention to details. Choosing the plants for my garden, i.e. cutting down the list of the plants I want to grow is the tricky part. Nevertheless, my whole flat is filled with plants just like the space in front of it. The best part of my home garden is of course, the balcony garden!!!

Balcony gardening: As I already said my balcony has little space but it has a built in concrete box/container made especially for growing plants(my love goes to the architect). Plus, I have a bunch of containers and plants ready for transplanting.
First of all, let us take some things in consideration and look at +/- of balcony gardening:

The negative:
  • small space
  • hot sun & strong wind
  • there is often an overhang that prevents the rainfall from reaching the containers
  • extra watering chores if prior is the case
  • safety issues(stuff falling of your balcony)
  • a lot of pigeons started coming and ruining the plants(I don´t know if they started coming because of the plants, I guess so)
The positive:

  • a feast for your senses, you can look at it, touch it, smell it, taste it......enjoy
  • you got the joy of growing plants
  • herbs on your balcony are great for cooking and for their medicinal values
  • vegetable and fruit is always better from your own garden
  • it is the place were you rest your head and somehow, while at home I always end up in my balcony garden

Soon some photos of my balcony!!!

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