Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Balcony garden veggies

More and more vegetables from my balcony garden are ripening and getting their true colors. Apart from cherry tomatoes, which have already been harvested for a couple of times, my peppers and Saint Pierre tomatoes are also getting close to their harvest day. Very soon I'll be enjoying more homegrown veggies from my urban balcony garden.

Saint Pierre Tomatoes


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Brittany said...

Hi, I see you successfully grew Saint Pierre tomatoes in containers. I'm determined to dot he same thing this year, was wondering if you could offer me any advice? Did you run into any problems with soil pH or Calcium deficiency? I've purchased a nutrient support for tomatoe plants at my local bio store. What size pots did you use? I'm gardening on a very limited budget and had to use what I had - 3 gallon containers in hindsight I should have tried to find larger containers in my budget. (always 20/20)