Wednesday, August 1, 2007

First Cherry Tomato Harvest

Yes indeed, it's a tomato celebration day! My urban balcony garden is rewarding us on a daily basis, but these are my first vegetables harvested this year. Unfortunately, we've had some bad weather lately and we've a lost a significant amount of fruit.

However, it was a sweet harvest! It feels great to produce your own homegrown organic veggies in the middle of the city.


Leslie said...

What a scrumptious harvest! Thanks for leaving a message at Dreams and Bones so I could find you here.

funtimehappygardenexplosion said...

woah, mister. those look delicious!

Ottawa Gardener said...

Yummy picture.

Italman said...

Hey everybody,
they are yummy and delicious!
Hmm... and the bruschette!

Cecilia Macaulay (Tess) said...

like a dish of pearls, Beautiful. Can I borrow some of your pics for my Permaculture balcony garden blog?
Id love to hear more about your watering sytem, and how many minutes a day it all takes.

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