Monday, August 27, 2007

What's this?

Lately I haven't been posting updates on my balcony garden regularly, but that's only because I haven't been at home that much. However, my mother is taking care of our apartment garden and most of the plants are doing alright. On the other hand, I'm spending most of my spare time in the nature enjoying the gifts of mother earth, but when I'm at home I make sure to give some additional love and care to all of my plants. Just the other day while doing a check up on my balcony garden plants, I found this bunch of larvae on my tomato plant, i.e. leaf. There's also some spider mites and aphids, so I'll have to spray my plants with some neem oil as soon as I can. It seems that I have some unwanted guests on my balcony garden, don't you think so?


Klaus Seistrup said...

You could cut off the leaf and keep it in, say, a jam jar until the eggs hatch, then you'll know what kind of hell spawn is breeding on your tomato jungle. :)

funtimehappygardenexplosion said...

I second that idea. That thing is GROSS!!! I have to know what that is. When I first saw that, I thought it was a raspberry, then frog eggs, then snail eggs, and now I have no idea what those things are. Just looking at it makes me want to yarf.

Italman said...

thanks for your comments and ideas, but I haven't had the time to experiment with eggs shown on this photograph, so I just cut off the leaf and threw it away.

Atau348 said...

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