Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Balcony (before&after)

I was just looking at some of my photos and decided to do before&after photo show of my balcony. It was rearranged a month ago, but there´s still some work to do, some seeds to sow. I´m still looking for more place for my plants, while trying not to overcrowd the place. After all, it´s a living space and during hot summer days even a bedroom.

Balcony photos

Here are some photos of how my balcony used to look. During cold weather, i.e. winter it´s more like a
storage space, so don´t get startled!

Here are some photos of my balcony after we rearranged it. It is a great place to chill and hang out with my plants. Today it looks a lot greener!

Balcony box

Here are a few photos of my balcony box!

Today it looks a lot bushier and filled with containers, but unfortunately I don´t have a camera to record it!

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