Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lovage on a balcony

Herbs represent a great part of my balcony garden and I must say that growing herbs on a balcony has been very rewarding. I have managed to squeeze in my garden most of the herbs I need and commonly use in my kitchen.

Lovage(Levisticum officinale)
This plant is a perennial and it's pretty easy to cultivate, so I can recommend it to most gardeners. It resembles Celery, but grows much bigger and has stronger taste. I use it for culinary purposes, usually in dishes where celery or parsley is used, but it also has a lot of medicinal properties(vitamin C). However, you shouldn't use a lot of it, because it has a much stronger taste than Celery or Parsley. In my country people call this plant Vegeta, because in taste it resembles the product called Vegeta. Maybe some of you heard of it or maybe even tried it. Vegeta is an authentic Croatian product used for seasoning dishes. It's o.k., but a herb is a herb! Take a look at my balcony garden Lovage!

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