Wednesday, June 20, 2007

First baby tomatoes

Finally, I have some real veggies growing in my urban garden!
It was a hot morning high up in the sky and I was just checking on my balcony plants. My cherry tomatoes have been flowering for a week and today, first baby tomatoes were waiting for me. Yiiippyyy!! Those are first tomatoes on my balcony ever! On the other hand, I´m a little bit worried because my regular tomato plants started flowering before the cherrys, but still I can´t see a single baby tomato. However, now that my tomato plants(hopefully all) will be carrying some extra weight, they require adequate support. It was really getting crowded in the tomato area and plants were all tangled up. The growth rate of this plants is amazing, but some of my other plants were suffering because of lack of light and air. I can only hope that I have done a good job pruning and securing my plants, so that my garden remains a happy place for all of my plants.

Baby tomato

Take a look at some photographs of my balcony plants from another perspective and check out the jungle tomato plants have created. This photographs were taken after I have done pruning and securing support for my plants, so you can only imagine how it looked before that!

Tomato jungle

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