Friday, June 8, 2007

Vegetables on a balcony

It´s time you take a peek at some vegetables on my balcony. As I said in my earlier posting, all my plants are mixed together. Vegetables, fruit, shrubs, herbs and flowers grow together in a rather confined space, but everything looks good for now.
Here is the list of vegetables I grow in my small urban garden: tomato, cherry tomato, garlic, pepper(paprika). It´s not a big list, yet it´s not a big space!
The growth in the last three weeks was impressive and you can easily see that it´s getting a little crowded. I have already done some trimming, nothing excessive, just to increase the airflow. Even though I had some pest problems, my balcony tomatoes are doing great and for that I have to thank another magnificent plant, neem tree.

Before&After of my vegetable garden

Before(3 weeks)

After(3 weeks)

I love Urban Gardening!!!

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