Thursday, June 28, 2007

Update on balcony veggies

Finally, got the camera so I can record the fruits of my labor or better said veggies!

Everything seems to be growing well, but I'm a little bit worried because I think I planted too many plants in one con
tainer. I'm afraid that there won't be enough space for roots and they might get root bound. Actually, I think that it might not be deep enough for cherry tomatoes and peppers. They are in flowering stage and producing heavily, so transplanting them to another, bigger container wouldn't be a good idea right now. Even if that wasn't the case, i.e. if they were still in vegetative phase, I don't think I could find more space for them. However, we learn while we grow and grow while we learn!

Take a look at the progress my balco
ny garden is making, there are more and more cherry tomatoes every day and paprika looks very promising too. I'm so happy I have my own little organic garden, high up in the sky! There's nothing like the smell and taste of your own homegrown organic food. All it takes is a few seeds, soil and a whole lot of love!

Urban balcony gardening rocks!

Cherry Tomatoes


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tryingtobuyincalifornia said...

These are so cute. I like Peppercorns. Great pictures.