Friday, June 29, 2007

Containers for balcony railings

Every balcony gardener has to find his own way of creating his or hers own unique garden design. Even the smallest balconies can be transformed into little urban gardens. Of course, the space you're dealing with is usually the main issue. Trying to create a balcony that will be a comfortable extension of your living space in one hand and a beautiful edible garden in other, can be somewhat difficult. That's why we have to use our imagination and creativity, but never neglect functionality and sustainability.

If you want to make more space for your plants you can use planter brackets, plant hangers and plant boxes and still have adequate space for everyday activities on your balcony. I have done something like that, but still I'm thinking about drilling some holes in the wall and putting some shelves on it. A couple of shelves with some herbs in containers on them would work great! Gardening in containers seems to be one of the main features of balcony gardening, but everyday there's something new in gardening world and sometimes worth attention. Revealing new and amazing things in gardening world is my passion and I must say many of my Google searches resulted in A-HA effect or at least placed a smile on my face.

Here's one the results of my Google search I decided to share. I think it might be helpful and can resolve very important space issues on some balconies. Unfortunately, it's made only for those balconies equipped with railings, so those of you with balcony railings, take a close look. I think it's a great idea, maybe it's an old one, but I've never seen containers like this one! This is a special container made for railings!

Find out more about it at!


tryingtobuyincalifornia said...

Wow I like this planter; what creatvity. Thanks for coming by my blog urban grow. I have a resource for balcony discussions at my blog. I don't have the specific link so I could have included it in this post. But anyway you can see it for todays date June 29,2007.

Anonymous said...

That is a very cool planter! May have to blog about it, too.