Sunday, June 3, 2007

What to grow on a balcony

If you have a balcony and you want to grow some plants, the first thing you got to do is make a list of the plants you want to grow. What plants are suitable for your balcony, you have to figure out yourself. Do some research, do a lot of growing and that´s it. You may try to grow all the plants that you want to grow, but to me it seems impossible. Hmm, maybe I want too much!?
There are a lot of factors that can limit you when choosing a plant you want to grow, like for example: if your balcony is facing north, you´ll have a hard time growing plants that need a great amount of sun; strong wind can be a problem; if your balcony is facing south, too much sun and heat can also be a problem. Different plants have different requirements and we must take good care to try and fulfill those for each one of them. There are various plants growing on my balcony (herbs, flowers, vegetables,fruit...) and it may seem a little bit extreme for a flat. That´s one reason more I have to pay good attention on rules of companion gardening, but for now everything seems to be going well. I managed to squeeze a lot of different plants in a pretty small space so it looks like an old school garden. It´s a miniature of my late grandmothers´ garden! My mother transplanted a few plants from her garden and now I take care of the same plants that my late grandmother used to nurture.

Here´s a photo of Grandmas´ plant:

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