Monday, June 18, 2007

Pigeons attack again

I got up from bed this morning and the first step I made on my balcony was a slippery one. There was bird(pigeon) poop all around! That´s gardening in the city!

Most of my plants are all right, but my whole balcony garden was a mess. It seems that pigeons will eventually get used to almost anything we do to try to keep them away and sometimes that can get really frustrating. However, maybe the problem lies somewhere else. You can see from my earlier post How to keep pigeons away the methods I use for this purpose. Yesterday I turned off the radio and maybe that´s one of the reasons why my defense failed. Just guessing!

It may seem that my Barbecue sticks method is a little bit crazy, but it is really a copy of a method that seems to work. Instead of bamboo sticks, metal spikes are used to prevent pigeons from accessing certain areas of the building. This kind of protection is not here to do any harm, but simply to prevent pigeons from accessing certain areas, i.e. your living space!

Please help my urban garden and share some ideas how to get rid off pigeons!!!

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