Saturday, July 14, 2007

Another perspective

I've been quite busy for the last few days and I haven't had the time to do all the gardening chores I intended to. However, I sprayed all of my balcony plants with Neem oil what should take care of my aphids&spider mites problem for now.

I should go to sleep right now, because tomorrow I have to get up
early, take care of my urban garden and give some love and nutrients to my plants. There's a lot of stuff going one on my balcony garden, but I'm still quite busy with some other stuff I'm doing. I'm also without a camera which would enable me to record the present state of my Urban Grow plants!!! Nevertheless, here are some out of date photographs of my balcony garden flowers. You could have already seen those Pelargonium flowers on my gardening blog, but this time I offer you another perspective!

And here I am!

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