Sunday, July 8, 2007

Balcony Garden Jungle

I just realized that I've never mentioned that apart from cherry tomatoes and pepper, I also grow regular size tomatoes. There are hundreds of tomato varieties from which you can choose.
The variety I grow on my balcony garden is named Saint Pierre. The seed package I bought offered little information on the plant characteristics, but it's allegedly a late strain. Currently, there are three Saint Pierre tomatoes on my balcony and all of them are in flowering stage. However, only one of them is producing fruit. The other two plants are a lot bigger and producing a lot of flowers, but they keep falling off and there's no sign of fruit yet. That worries me a lot and I was even thinking of cutting them down, but I'll give them a few more weeks. Still, they are growing like crazy and that gives me some hope. My balcony garden is starting to look like a real urban jungle!

Urban Grow Jungle


talj said...

It's lovely to see things a growing so well! I hope that your other 2 plants start producing fruit soon :o)

italman said...

Hey Talj,
thanks a lot!