Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Garden Insects & Pests

Gardeners across the world usually share a significant amount of mutual interests and problems. Some of those are: pests and diseases, over watering and under watering , fertilizing , growing techniques, propagation, pruning issues and many other common gardening issues.

Urban gardening isn't so much different from any other form of gardening. After all, we all try to grow happy and healthy plants. Therefore, whether you garden indoors or outdoors, in urban or natural environment, you've already or certainly are about to have some experience with insects and pests in your garden. Insects are an important part of every naturally balanced garden and as everything in nature, they have they purpose in the ecosystem as a whole. Some of them are beneficial to our gardens, as they feed on pests or pollinate the flowers of plants. The ones we call harmful create problems by feeding on our plants and are therefore undesirable. However, most pest problems can be prevented, but if left unchecked extreme control measures are often necessary. Prevention and control are two main aspects of dealing with garden pests and insects, but most importantly it can all be done in natural, sustainable manner.

It's important, for me at least, to live my life in a sustainable manner and try to get back to my roots, to natural living. Being environment friendly isn't something you can teach your kids, while at the same time you destroy and pollute that same environment in every possible way. Kids need an example, something and someone to look up to and right now they are not looking at a pretty picture. Everyday we have the opportunity to do something good for our planet or maybe, better said not to do so much wrong. Equally, every gardener has a choice: organic or chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides or natural alternatives.

I made my choice! It's organic!

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