Friday, July 6, 2007

What a smell

As I was sitting in my kitchen, I noticed a beautiful natural aroma that reminded me of my childhood. It didn't come from my balcony garden, but it was here to stay.
It was a puzzle for me that my mother helped me solve as soon as she came home. This beautiful fragrance occupied my whole apartment for a few weeks. It was so nice to wake up with all those plant odors and my city apartment had a scent of woods. It might sound strange, but it's all thanks to one flowering tree, Tilia.

A view from my balcony(Tilia)

I have luck that there still is some plant life in the area I live, as the park in front of the building I live in can show. Nothing special, a lawn, few benches and some trees. Fortunately enough, some of those trees are pretty big so they help a lot, especially in hot summer days like this one is. Tilia, linden, lime, basswood or how ever you call it is a specie of large trees. This one has 25 meters approximately. Like every other plant is a gift of nature used for many purposes, so is Tilia! I love Tilia honey and tea!

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