Friday, July 20, 2007

Garden where you can

Even though my balcony garden plants get the most of my attention, my balcony isn't the only place where I grow plants as I've already mentioned. I have some plants in my apartment, as well as in front of my apartment and on the stairway, growing in bunch of containers.

For every urban grower space is one of the greatest limitations, but there's always a way! I garden everywhere I can and even in some places where that seemed impossible at first. You have to be creative and do a lot of experimenting, but in the end it all pays back! There's usually not a lot you can do regarding the conditions(amount of sun, temperature, air movement) you're faced with, so you'll have to take care good care while you choose where to grow certain plants. For example, I have a few cherry tomatoes on my stairway(inside of my apartment building) that are growing very slowly, while those on my balcony garden grow as crazy. I guess you would assume it's the lack of light that's causing this, but it's not, it's the lack of air circulation and very high temperatures. Something I can't change, even if I wanted to. However, although such conditions aren't favorable, some of my urban grow plants seem to grow there quite well.

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