Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Balcony gardening issues

Even though gardening on a balcony doesn't require a lot of time and work, you should pay regular attention at the state your plants are in. Not to mention, regular and adequate watering and fertilizing, adequate soil, enough root space(container size), pruning, checking for pests, diseases and so on...

You should check on your plants every now and then, but it wouldn't hurt to do it every day. I do it almost every time I'm on my balcony, I just can't look away. In such moments it instantly becomes clear that the natural way is the only way. By observing our plants we learn something new every day and while our plants grow, we grow! Right now, I don't have the fortune of growing plants in natural surroundings, so I have to do what I can in urban conditions. Urban gardening requires a slightly different approach and you might find that among others, spacial limitations will cause you a lot of headache. When you've done what you can regarding the space issue(check out one of my previous posts: More space for plants), there' still the issue of the amount of sun your plants will receive. The only way to deal with the amount of received sun problem, is to grow the plants that will thrive in the light conditions your balcony has to offer.

Growing plants in the city certainly requires a slightly different gardening approach!

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