Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Windy Balcony Garden

It has been raining almost all night&day and temperature has fallen significantly. I have a feeling that my plants love it, but it was extremely windy and that's certainly not a good thing for my balcony garden plants.

My tomatoes are supported with stakes, but they overgrew their support couple of weeks ago. Insufficient support is becoming a problem, especially when strong wind is in question like these days. When not supported enough branches and vegetable flowers get tossed around a lot and you can easily loose your crop. Last few nights were pretty fatal! I can see that a lot of delicate cherry tomato flowers are missing. i.e. have fallen off. Not to mention that few of my cherry tomatoes got injured, so I'll have to do some splinting and patching. I hope I wont loose what's left of my veggie flowers, i.e. future veggies. The thing to do right now is create adequate support, but I can't find a thing in my apartment tall enough to fit this purpose. I'm not focused on balcony or garden design, I just want to make my plants happy and I'll do what I have to do.

It's time for some urban garden action!

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